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Wire Fraud

If you are under investigation or facing federal wire fraud charges it is critical that you consult with an experienced federal wire fraud lawyer.  Typically, the F.B.I handles wire fraud investigations.  These investigations involve a massive amount of documents and evidence. These investigations can take years to complete and prosecutions can last over a year. Most wire fraud charges arise from large sums of money stolen from individuals or businesses.  It is common for the government to charge wire fraud with conspiracy because other individuals participated in the fraudulent scheme.  As a result, defendants face significant potential prison sentences.

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Each federal criminal lawyer at DSK Law is experienced representing clients charged with wire fraud in federal court.  As a result, we understand how to develop a successful strategy to obtain the best possible result through negotiation or trial.  DSK Law possesses the necessary support staff, paralegals, and investigators to assist each wire fraud lawyer execute a successful defense strategy.

What is Wire Fraud?

Wire Fraud is described by 18 USC 1343 and requires the use of an interstate telephone call or electronic communication made in the furtherance of a criminal scheme. These communications include cell phone calls, text messages, email, and social media platforms.  There are four elements that the government must prove in order to obtain a conviction for wire fraud. First, the defendant voluntarily and intentionally devised or participated in a scheme to defraud another out of money. Second, the defendant did so with the intent to defraud. Third, it was reasonably foreseeable that interstate wire communications would be used. Finally, the scheme in fact used interstate wire communications. Wire fraud is punishable by up to 20 years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000.

If you are under investigation or charged with wire fraud, contact DSK Law and schedule a free consultation with an experienced wire fraud lawyer.