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Disclaimer: Favorable results in the past do not guarantee favorable results in the future. Each case is different.

Wire Fraud Lawyer – Federal Criminal Lawyer in Virginia

Wire Fraud If you are under investigation or facing federal wire fraud charges it is critical that you consult with an experienced federal wire fraud lawyer.  Typically, the F.B.I handles wire fraud investigations.  These investigations involve a massive amount of documents and evidence. These investigations can take years to complete...
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Virginia Expungement Lawyer – Clear Arrest Record

The Criminal Defense Lawyers at DSK|Law routinely assist our clients clear arrest records in Virginia.  Criminal charges have negative consequences even without a conviction.  These criminal records can affect eligibility for employment opportunities, housing options, immigration status, and government benefits. A top rated Virginia expungement lawyer at DSK|Law will evaluate...
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Federal Criminal Attorney False Statement and Firearms

A Federal Criminal Attorney at DSK argued for and obtained an excellent result for our client who faced five indictments and a maximum sentence of 25 years.  Our client was charged for their role in making false statements in order to purchase firearms for a prohibited person. Straw Purchase of...
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Top Criminal Defense Attorneys Arlington Magazine

Top Criminal Defense Attorneys DSK|Law was recognized by Arlington Magazine as the top criminal defense attorneys in Northern Virginia of 2019. This feature reflects the results of an Arlington Magazine survey in which area attorneys nominated their peers in 21 practice areas. Participants were encouraged to recommend attorneys in other...
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DUI Attorney DWI Attorney – Arlington Virginia

DUI Attorney A top rated DUI Attorney at DSK|Law wins trial in Arlington Virginia. Our client was charged with DUI and Refusal in Arlington Virginia.  The police stopped our client after they got a flat tire. During the field sobriety tests, the police took client’s glasses and didn’t give them...
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Possession of Drug Paraphernalia Possession of Marijuana

Possession of Drug Paraphernalia or Dismissed Possession of Marijuana When an individual is charged with Possession of Marijuana, first offense, they are eligible for a 251 disposition which allows the charge to be dismissed following a period of probation, driver’s license suspension, substance abuse counseling, and community service.  If you...
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